The BodyTalk System: The Holistic, Integrative, Health Care System of the Future!

W. Craig Hall, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist/Hypnosis, ZYto Evox
Ellen Hall, RN, BSN
Advanced BodyTalk/Animal Talk Practitioner, Zyto Elite

Welcome to BodyTalk Vitality – A clinic where we celebrate the power of OUR body to heal itself and optimize functioning! Craig Hall offers clinical hypnosis and Zyto Evox sessions. Ellen Hall offers The BodyTalk System and Zyto Elite sessions! WHY?…
Every experience contributes to your current health situation. Traditional healthcare looks for generic, repeatable symptoms that happen the same way in every person- BodyTalk addresses ALL the INDIVIDUAL ASPECTS of YOUR health, with the entire context of your life available to aid healing. BodyTalk is a simple way to communicate directly with our bodies, finding out what really lies at the core of physical or emotional symptoms- a state of the art approach to integrative mind/body medicine-combining western medicines scientifically supported research (neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology) with highly recognized ancient and modern healing methods (Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, chiropractic, consciousness studies and energy psychology). Re-establishing communication between aspects of your body allows it to heal itself and return to its optimum level of functioning.



BodyTalk for Families!

* Individual BodyTalk sessions are great for balancing individual family members – enhancing their individual health and performance in our family!

* The stresses of today’s modern society disrupts and fragments our families. Relationships between ourselves and our family members can easily
become distorted and broken – causing added stress, and often times, illness, in our own lives. The daily stress and misunderstandings in our relationships
and confusion related to our family roles can lead to illness in the members who constitute a family. These illnesses can be inherited by succeeding generations
until the energy dynamics are restored.

BodyTalk addresses many aspects of family healing – resulting in increased (and often powerful) vitality, honesty, power and love between family members!


We thank you for visiting our website. Our enthusiasm for healing is evident within its pages! If we can serve you, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us to ask us questions or to book an appointment!

Craig and Ellen Hall